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Harrie Hoeben

Harrie Hoeben

Harrie Hoeben is the brain behind the Wingssprayer. Thanks to his passion for agriculture, his years of experience and his knowledge, he has developed a sensationally simple and well-working system. Meanwhile, Wingssprayer has become a family company. Harrie Hoeben’s two sons and his partner are fully involved in the further development and production of the Wingssprayer.

Passion for crops

Harrie Hoeben has been working in agriculture from a young age and one of his tasks was spraying to protect the crops. Spraying crops became his passion and Harrie later developed into a professional spray contractor, a job he has fulfilled with great enthusiasm for over 27 years. He worked for the customers of 14 contractor companies and served numerous farmers in the protection of their crops

Harrie Hoeben
Harrie as a 14-year old, working to protect the fruit trees 

Management functions

Due to his knowledge and experience, Harrie was asked for management functions ever more often. For years he has been active in several management positions in the field of crop protection, for example in consulting with the Ministry of Agriculture. In addition, Harrie Hoeben was a member of the ballot committee in the field of spray damage and has written a project design for effective spraying while preventing environmental burdening.

System from abroad

In 2002, Harrie imported a system from abroad which he thought would suit the execution of his project design. He had this spraying system tested in Wageningen and discovered that the system scored extremely high in the field of plague control in crops. In addition, the system decreased the environmental burdening with over 99%.

International patents

Harrie started working with this foreign system, and solved various technical problems. He has further developed the system which resulted into international patents. There are two types of Wingssprayers, one with a single Wing and one with a double Wing. The latter enables spraying even during heavy winds. Spraying at high speeds is custom in France, Brazil, Australia and the Eastern bloc, but is applied more and more in the UK as well.

Rolling landscape

Also on sloping grounds, the Wingssprayer is excellently capable of doing its job. For this, an extra sensor-steered appliance is used. Both spray booms move along with the slopes of the landscape. The user can setup the spraying machine for this himself. Meanwhile the sensors have been fully developed and work perfectly in practice. This solves the largest problem, namely that the spray booms would not be able to follow the rolling landscape.  With these sensors, the height control of the spray booms is arranged almost automatically.

Harrie Hoeben is ready for the next step. He has surrounded himself with a qualitatively excellent team and is looking for the right parties to help his company: Wingssprayer BV, grow further.

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