About Wingssprayer

Crop protection:

• Optimal crop protection;
• Slightly opens up the crop;
• Sprays fine droplets, closely above and deep into the crops;
• The riding wind leads the spraying product right into the crops;
• Wind protection by the Wingssprayer Wing;
• Nozzle distance standard at 25 cm;
• More stability and balance due to the gentle crop contact;
• To be assembled on practically every spray;
• Can also be used without touching the crops.

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Advantages of the Wingssprayer:

• Crops are optimally protected;
• Up to 99,8 % less drift with fine droplets;
• Penetration at the base of dense crops as well;
• Higher travelling speeds possible;
• No wind limitations;
• No extra fuel costs;
• Better spreading of droplets in the crops;
• Only one type of spray nozzle needed;
• No damage to plants on surrounding parcels;
• Less residue on the crops;
• No pollution of the spraying machine;
• Less spraying product needed;
• Better biological effectiveness;
• Saves flowery field edges and bees.

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