Unfortunately, the bean family has many violators. The beans are already at the risk of getting infected from the moment they are put in the ground. Black bean aphid is a well-known type of lice that uses many crops as a source of food, spreading other diseases in the process. In addition to effective products, insect-pathogenic moulds can also be sprayed with the Wingssprayer.

Besides, certain types of weed are not allowed in bean crops, and moulds such as botrytis and sclerotinia are feared plagues. Especially under very dense foliage, inherent to the growth shape of beans, control with traditional spraying equipment isn’t always effective enough.

By gently opening this foliage, fine droplet can reach the base of the plant. After the Wingssprayer has driven by, the foliage will make sure no drops will drift off to places where they are not wanted.