Beets are crops on which the Wingssprayer spraying technique with fine droplets works highly effects due to its 100% coverage (level of coverage). When using extremely fine droplets, a larger surface can be sprayed with the same amount of product. Especially the smallest weeds that are in the white-thread stage and the germination stage can’t escape this way.

By spraying diagonally rearward, drops are aimed underneath the hanging beet leaf as well, preventing the umbrella effect. By doing this you will prevent from having to spray the parts of the plant that were missed before, with a higher dosage or having to remove the weed manually.

Experience from practice shows that up to 40% less product in weed control is highly effective. Sometimes by lowering the dosage, but also because spraying can be done less often. Small weed is more sensitive and thereby easier to control than large weeds.