Corn is the most widely grown crop in the world, and has a large variety. It is used for food for humans and animals and is often grown continuously. This offers the natural attackers of corn; insects and weeds, many possibilities. The result is that plague control has to be adjusted, because the corn might become resistant. With a highly effective spraying method with complete coverage, resistance could be prevented. An incomplete, bad coverage could lead to an incomplete extinction, resulting into DNA change and thus to resistance.

By opening the weed and spraying weed pesticides diagonally down into the crops, the newly germinated weeds are reached as well. This provides an effective extinction of the weeds and makes a second spraying unnecessary.

Especially when spraying in full-grown corn, opening the corn is a good method to bring the pesticide into the lowest parts of the crops. When the reach of the spray booms is high enough, trips, lice and caterpillars can also be exterminated, even when the corn is two meters tall.