The Wingssprayer spraying technique is very sufficient in the dense, heavy leek crops. Eggs of the leek fly, that are laid at the base of the plants, and which later damage the white shafts, are easy to control with the deeply penetrating fine spray mist.

The leek moth can also be exterminated effectively. The leek moth is a nocturnal butterfly that lays its eggs in the heart of the leek plant and allows them to grow into yellow-white larvae of about 1 cm long. These larvae eat holes and corridors in the shaft of the leek plant. In the UK, especially the months of July and August and sometimes even September are months during which most damage is caused.

Various moulds harm the crops and make the leek plant unattractive for consumption. The moulds mainly damage the green leek leaves. Because of the extremely fine drop technique of the Wingssprayer spraying system, a higher coverage is reached that is especially important in products that work preventive. Because of this, there are almost no unprotected places left.