People are still using large amounts of spraying fluid in controlling weeds in onions. They are still of the opinion that the product needs to run off the crops in order to prevent damage.

In this scenario, the fluids with the pesticide run to the base of the young onion plants, where they slow down the development of the roots. Experience from practice shows that with the Wingssprayer technique and with less water, 50% less pesticides are needed. After all, this spraying fluid does not end up with the young roots, because due to the small amount, the product does not drip and thus forms no danger to the growth of the onion plant.
The young weed can be controlled without damage to the crops. Especially the fine droplets reach the young weeds. Fine droplets have up to 10 times more touch surface per hectare than large drops.

Botrytis and leaf blotch are moulds that damage the crops, especially when the leafage lies flat. The onion fly lays its eggs at the base of the onion plants, the larvae enter the roots and eat their way into the plant, which later will wither. Both can efficiently be exterminated with the Wingssprayer spraying technique.