During a period of growing weather and a high risk of infection, the new, young potato leaves need to be well-protected.  Therefore be sure to always spray with fine droplets, because this provides a better spreading and thus offers better protection. Allowing 50-70% of the leaf to remain unprotected might end up disastrous for the potato crop, because phytophtora could easily infect the young leaves.

By slightly opening up the crops with the Wingssprayer and spraying fine droplets that don’t fall on the ground as much as larger, heavy drops, the protection product is spread more evenly inside the potato crop. An additional advantage is that this way, the second and third layers of leaves are protected against diseases as well. This is especially important when crops haven’t been sprayed during a longer period of time, because there was no risk of infection.

Persistent lice are immediately sprayed as well. The second and third leaf layers often accommodate lice that can quickly produce a new population and thereby cause new damage to the crops. Even during heavy winds, the wing system works perfectly. The wind has no influence on the Wings, like for example with the air pocket, the design of the wing even provides extra thrust on the crops. Because of the contact with the crop, everything remains stable, even during heavy winds.

The result: beautiful and healthy potatoes.