Strawberries are accessory fruits that we’ve known in Europe for 5000 years now, and we’ve been using them as food ever since. For moles, strawberries are a true (food) heaven. In addition, diseases and plagues, such as botrytis (grey mould) cause for great concern with the growers. Controlling these diseases and plagues often is extremely difficult.
The dense crops and the thick layers of straw underneath the plants make it easy for moulds to multiply. People often spray large amounts of water to control the moulds. However, this usually has a counteractive effect, because due to the large quantities of water, sometimes up to 2000 litres of spraying fluids per acre, a high humidity is created in the straw underneath the strawberry plants. And it’s this high humidity that forms the perfect breading nest for moulds.

The Wingssprayer spraying technique, with its crop-opening and fine-drop method, provides a perfect coverage with for example a maximum of 400 litres of spraying fluid, whereby the concentration of the product is higher and no micro climate for moulds comes about. The effect of spraying with the Wingssprayer spraying technique thus is better and the spraying product does not drift off to fields where strawberries are harvested.