Wingssprayer fair agenda

We will attend a couple of domestic and foreign fair this summer. Here is a summary (expect more updates to come).

Borgeby Fältdagar 2017, 28 & 29 June

A big Swedish fair that is dedicated to farm life. We seize the fair for our Scandinavian market introduction and hope to welcome a lot of farmers, dealers and other agricultural entrepreneurs. Do you happen to be nearby? Please visit us at our stand (S 172).

Patato Europe 2017, 13 & 14 September

A fair in the Dutch village of Emmeloord that focusses solely on potatoes. There is a podium for everyone who is active in the potato product chain, and we will take our place as an efficient and environmentally friend crop spraying system. Off course, you are more than welcome at our stand (V 118) to enjoy a cup of coffee.


Hydraulic brake cylinders: Good for the environment too

Plenty can go astray when spraying pesticides. An extremely innovative design engineer from the Netherlands relies on hydraulic brake cylinders from ACE Stoßdämpfer GmbH for use with pesticides, in order to make the spray units on agricultural machines more effective and spare the environment at the same time. This case study shows why these modern machine elements have helped revolutionise the agricultural industry in an area where the environment is very susceptible.

Fine, fog-like clouds of mist over farming fields have been a familiar sight around the world for many decades. If you take a closer look at this scenario, you will notice that the chemicals used as pesticides are often not fully taken to where they are supposed to be, namely in or on the plant, due to the wind, uneven grounds or too hilly landscapes. The entire industry sector therefore faces several problems. First of all, many more chemicals than are actually needed are used because no one can guarantee how much will actually reach the plants due to the strength of wind and direction. Secondly, this can mean an overdose or under-dose for cultivation. Thirdly, it costs more than actually needed, fourthly it produces less yield than is possible and, fifthly, it causes more damage to the environment – immense damage. We now know just how immense since the Dutchman, Harrie Hoeben, developed the so-called Wingssprayer and tested it together with agricultural students from Wageningen University. The result of the practical test: With excellent pest control, the strains on the environment can be reduced by around 99 percent with the herbicides or pesticides used. The farmers are delighted about the improvement for four reasons: After all, not only the environment, but also their employees, the yield result and their budget were negatively affected by spraying too many chemicals. The huge efficiency increase in the spray units is easy to explain. Equipped with wings that remind you of engine flaps, agricultural machines that are equipped with the Wingssprayers push the plants to be sprayed down a little, meaning that the unit uses both the aerodynamic air flow and the effect of the wind to take optimum effect. Due to the fact the wings protect the spray units almost like a windscreen and work like a spoiler at a higher speed, ten times finer droplets fall on the plants through the nozzles than from standard field sprayers. According to Harrie Hoeben, this means that an up to ten times larger cultivation area can be sprayed with the same amount of pesticide. His explanation: “Our system allows a finer mist to be sprayed, meaning that the plants are moistened ten times better with the same amount of water due to the finer water droplets and therefore that the chemicals optimally remain on the plants and take effect against pests. Our tests have shown that farmers can save nature and themselves a quarter of the amount of chemicals and actually reduce the strain on the environment by up to 99 percent.”

Ideal, customised brake element found by sampling and tests 
These figures can be referred to as a real revolution. Hydraulic brake cylinders support the Wingssprayer in the perfect way. After all, without these tried-and-tested machine elements used in many industry sectors, the filigree, tapering wings offered lots of surface area for the wind to attack. Depending on the version of Wingssprayer, its sheer size would be enough to make it a shaky, or even destructive matter, without the force of the wind. This is something the company from the Netherlands, named after its product, urgently wanted to avoid. Company founder, Harrie Hoeben, therefore contacted the Dependance of ACE Stoßdämpfer GmbH in the Netherlands. Engineer and technical advisor Han Titulaer then took the matter into hand. In contrast to most cases worked on by the damping specialists from ACE, a classic design was omitted here. One reason was that the moving mass to be calculated in this case is driven out in the open and over fields. With two variables, such as the different wind conditions and, depending on the weather, different ground conditions, the companies decided to work with test series from the very beginning and therefore gradually get closer to the optimal damping elements. ACE provided the design engineer and his team with various adjustable hydraulic brake cylinders and also with rotary dampers as samples. The hydraulic brake cylinders proved to be best suited for Harrie Hoeben, because he could adapt it perfectly to the Wingssprayer using a setting segment on the piston. He sent the optimally adjusted sample back to ACE. This, with the original throttle changed via the setting, then served the technicians in Langenfeld as a reference for a customised delivery. By determining the optimal drilling diameter for the fixed throttle using the sample, they produced the hydraulic cylinder type HB-15-25-AA-P-K49263 for Harrie Hoeben as a small series. This ensures that all brake cylinders in the series are permanently set and therefore always have the perfect braking performance.

Brake cylinders from ACE and Wingssprayer made for each other 
The hydraulic brake cylinders, which look similar to industrial gas springs, are generally predestined to compensate masses moving backwards and forwards. Furthermore, they are also capable of controlling driving speeds and synchronisation in both directions. This is because the maintenance-free, ready-to-install and closed systems provide a constant thrust speed. At the company headquarters of Wingssprayer, in the Dutch town of Maarheeze, people are entirely satisfied with the above-mentioned models. They belong to a family with body diameters ranging from 12 mm to 70 mm and strokes of 10 mm to 800 mm. If, like in this case, the decision is not made in favour of a customised solution with fixed throttle, the individual machine elements from ACE’s HB family can be installed as single-sided or double-sided acting brakes. They are all characterised by high quality and a long service, provide a constant thrust speed and are very easy to adjust. A setting segment on the piston makes adjustment in the end position child’s play.

As usual at ACE, a large selection of attachment parts available immediately from stock in Langenfeld makes assembly easy and allows hydraulic brake cylinders to be used universally. This fits in perfectly with the modular concept of the Wingssprayer. Developed as separate spray units, all three different versions of the wing construction are designed to be able to be mounted on all brands of spray machines used in agriculture, and of course also retrofitted. The brake cylinder used in this case was delivered as a double-sided motion variant and is therefore capable of developing a maximum pressure force of 800 N with a cylinder diameter of 15.6 mm and a stroke length of 25 mm. These are parameters that have proven to be entirely sufficient in the tests and also during the subsequent practical applications. A number of other brake cylinders is also available from stock at ACE for larger designs or more difficult conditions. The range of existing pressure or traction forces from the various series serve as evidence. This extends from 20 N to 50,000 N. Furthermore, special designs, special oils and various accessories are available. If you consider that ACE Stoßdämpfer GmbH has three more product families of brake cylinders in the program, you can imagine the scope of possibilities. It is therefore no wonder that the goal of improved efficiency in the spray units has succeeded effortlessly whilst simultaneously protecting the environment with the Wingssprayers.

Smart spraying technique Wingssprayer wins again

Wingssprayer adds a new highlight to its success story with the “water innovation award 2015” in the category clean water. The Union of Dutch water boards praises the smart spraying solution because of its simplicity and its contribution to a cleaner environment.

The clean spraying technique has already proven itself as an agriculture innovation, with the Single Wing, by reducing drift of chemicals with 99%. Using the same technique for fruit trees, a drift reduction of 90% can be achieved with the new Vertical Wing. An improvement with impact, says the jury, because the Vertical Wing helps to reduce pollution of open water. There is more to gain than just money, states the jury report. ‘Wingssprayer tackles the problem at the source, and not ‘end of pipeline’.

Wingssprayer developer Hoeben gets the help of an innovation professional to speed up the market introduction process. Hoeben: “I am going to use the help of the innovation professional for the Wingssprayer Single Wing. The vertical wing is still in development and I hope the innovation professional can introduce the Wingssprayer at spraying machine manufacturers”, says Harrie Hoeben.

The Dutch Union of Water Boards grants the Water innovation Award to innovative projects within the field of water management. 135 submissions were received. Wingssprayer also won a Sterling Innovation Award earlier this year.

Harrie Hoeben nominated for title entrepreneur of the Year

We are proud to announce that Harrie Hoeben is nominated for the title Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 for in his hometown Cranendonck. Wingssprayer was placed on the shortlist after a nomination by the local department of the agricultural organization (ZLTO Cranendonck). A preselection, done by a committee of business specialists, amongst 30 companies resulted in an invitation to the main event.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Every agricultural company around the global becomes more environmentally friendly with the Wingssprayer. That is because the Wingssprayer protects the environment by implementing drift reducing techniques. Techniques that, at the same time, allow farmers to cut on spraying costs. A combination necessary to succeed as a Social Responsible Corporation. That is why this year’s election theme fits Wingssprayer like a glove.

The reward show

On September the 7th an expert jury determined who can carry the title Entrepreneur of the Year for 2 years during a festive reward night. We did not win, but we are nonetheless proud of the following jury statement: “Harrie combines personal innovative strength with endless perseverance. Very impressive!”


Canada’s Farm Progress Show

Canada’s Farm Progress Show was a big success for Wingssprayer. We have met a lot of interesting people that, in return, showed much interest in our spraying system. After three productive days, we left Canada with a couple of inquiries, a Sterling Innovation Award and a lot of media attention.

Saskatoon’s Farmgate news (skip to the four minute mark) covered the Wingssprayer in their evening bulletin and Global News published an article on their website. Even the local Dutch newspaper Eindhovens Dagblad published the story in their paper and on their website.

 Awards and nominations

The Sterling Innavation Award is Wingssprayers’ third innovation award in three years. It goes without question that we are very proud of the recognition that we get for our hard work.

 2015: Winner Sterling Innovation Award




2014: Nominee GreenTech Innovation Award


2015: Winner of two Accenture Innovation Awards