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Installing the Wingssprayer

Efficiency is one of Wingssprayer’s trump cards and the same is true for its installation. The system fits on virtually all existing spraying equipment, making it unnecessary to buy completely new equipment. The Wingssprayer is fitted to the spraying arms with no moving parts. The spraying units replace the original nozzle configuration. This results in a balanced, stable construction with virtually no extra power demands from the tractor.
Wingssprayer is efficient ook bij de installatie
Ideaal formaat spuitdruppels

Ideal droplet size

The spraying heads are fitted 25 cm apart and have a wide spraying angle. The Wings pull the crop aside creating space for the spraying heads, dispersing the spraying fluid efficiently and effectively. The Wingssprayer uses a single type of nozzle, irrespective of crop or type of plant protection product. Hence the droplets are always the ideal size.

Wingssprayer: Levering en montage inbegrepen bij uw bestelling

Delivery and fitting

Wingssprayer likes to make things easy so delivery and on-site fitting is included in every order. If you are investing in a new sprayer, the Wingssprayer can often be fitted straight away in the factory. Ask about the possibilities and take advantage of our free service. Would you prefer to install the Wingssprayer yourself? No problem! The Wingssprayer comes with a clear manual.

Wingssprayer is een rendabele investering
Wingssprayer wordt geleverd met een duidelijke handleiding

A worthwhile investment

The Wingssprayer is user friendly and low-maintenance. A one-time investment guarantees you a reliable and durable product for at least 15 years. It will pay for itself; in some cases the payback period is just one year! Are you wondering what Wingssprayer can do for you? Use our calculation tool to give you an immediate idea of both costs and return on investment.

Wingssprayer: gebruiksvriendelijk en onderhoudsarm

Plan a consultation with us

Are you wondering how the Wingssprayer makes crop protection easier and cheaper?
Willie van de Sterre, verkoopadviseur

Willie van de Sterre



99.8% spray drift reduction


Optimum protection


10-40 % less spraying fluid

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