It is our global mission to spray with zero emission

Why would you waste pesticides and herbicides while spraying crops? That is not only environmentally unfriendly, it’s also a waste of money! With this idea in mind, the development of the Wingssprayer started. The result: An environmentally friendly crop spray system that offers real value for money to farmers.

Some benefits of the Wingssprayer:

Spray effectively during windy spraying conditions

The Wingssprayers’ Wing functions as a buffer against wind. Hard crosswinds don’t stand a chance. Learn more.

You need less spraying chemicals to get the job done

The Wingssprayer sprays small droplets that don’t roll of a leaf like big droplets do. Next to this, the Wingssprayer prevents drift from floating away behind your spraying machine. Because of these two benefits, the Wingssprayer helps you save a substantial amount of money on your spraying chemicals bill. Learn more.

Spray effectively during windy weather conditions

Because of the aerodynamic advantages, you can spray at high driving speeds while keeping drift to a minimum. This results in a substantial time saving. Especially when you own a big farm. Learn more.

A Wingssprayer for almost every crop type

We offer three Wingssprayer product types. Ready to protect every crop type around the world. Next to this, the Wingssprayer can be mounted onto every spraying machine on the market today. Learn more.

Wingssprayer, It is our global mission to spray with zero emission.

The Wingssprayer team

The Wingssprayer team consists of a group of agricultural professional, with Harrie Hoeben as its driving force. Feel free to ask any question you have. We would love to help.